The Tholos Framework

Developing web applications without writing a single line of code

Tholos architekt├║ra

Tholos framework by Offsite Solutions is a component-focused, event-driven framework for rapid application development that allows wide range of customization.

Tholos consists of three main components

Tholos :: Component Editor - Visual component editor

Tholos :: Builder - Visual application development

Tholos :: Runtime - Runtime environment of the generated code

Tholos :: Component Editor

Tholos :: Component Editor

Visual Component Editor

Tholos :: Component Editor is responsible for editing component properties, events and methods. Components are implemented by PHP classes and they are visualized by a template engine. On browser-side, events are implemented in JQuery JavaScript functions.

Tholos :: Builder

Tholos :: Builder

Application development using a visual code generator

By using Tholos :: Builder one can build a complete application using components as building blocks provided by the Tholos :: Component Editor.


Tholos :: Builder provides multiple wizards for quick and efficient software development.

Data Handling and Business Logic

Tholos Data Binding

Bi-directional data binding

The Tholos framework provides a user interface for basic CRUD operations while leaving the freedom for the developer to further customize the application to the client's needs.

Using Wizards of the Tholos :: Builder it literally takes couple of minutes to generate a fully functional GUI-based on database queries and stored procedures.

Business Logic

The Tholos framework supports both approaches of implementing business logic as follows.

Components trigger events on PHP side that can be handled by custom PHP scripts that have full access to all components and their properties of the given module.

Business logic embedded in SQL views and stored procedures can also be used through standard communication parameters.

Tholos Business logic implementation

Graphical User Interface

Bootstrap-based modern GUI for a fresh and intuitive look

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